The Refugee Law Project (RLP) Digital Archive is a comprehensive repository dedicated to safeguarding and preserving the voices and experiences of forced migrants, primarily from Uganda. This digital archive encompasses a diverse collection of oral history documentation, research papers and publications, heritage-promoting objects, multimedia resources, and educational materials. Each entry within the archive provides critical insights into the lives of refugees and host communities, highlighting their resilience and the myriad humanitarian challenges they encounter. The archive serves as both a testament to the enduring spirit of displaced individuals and a crucial resource for advocacy, research, education, and the promotion of human rights. By offering public access to this archive, the RLP aims to foster a deeper understanding and broader support for communities in conflict and post-conflict situations globally.

The mandates of the RLP Digital Archive are multifaceted and comprehensive. They encompass the preservation of testimonies through detailed oral histories and multimedia resources, ensuring that these personal narratives are meticulously recorded and remembered. The archive is also committed to the promotion of human rights and advocacy, utilizing documented experiences to influence local, national, and international policies. Furthermore, it supports legal and policy development by providing access to essential legal documents, reports, and research that underscore the needs and rights of forced migrants. Another key mandate is the provision of educational resources, offering training materials and support for researchers, legal practitioners, and students to enhance their understanding of displacement issues.

In fulfilling these mandates, the RLP Digital Archive strives to document and protect the experiences of forced migrants, advocating for their rights and informing relevant policies. The archive enhances governance and memory by promoting transparency and accountability, and by preserving the cultural and historical heritage of communities in conflict and post-conflict situations for future generations. Through these efforts, the Refugee Law Project aims to foster a more informed, empathetic, and supportive global community, ensuring that the voices of forced migrants are heard and their needs addressed.